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Public Offer

All individuals, physical and legal entities, may take an advantage of our Public Offer and raise their revenue from each reservation. This hand-in-hand solution will turn you into an inLOBBY Agent and will consequently result in increase of your savings. We recommend you to keep track not only of your bookings, but also benefit from others' bookings. Seems interesting but unrealistic – then just take time and review our Public Offer.

By joining our Public Offer you may earn commissions from the booking value of each reservation, done by your mediation. Each booking will turn into your revenue stock. Commissions earned by the Agent may be accumulated and/or wire transferred to the Agent's account.

By joining team of inLOBBY Agents, you will earn:

  • Savings from each reservation
  • Commission in the rate of 3% from the booking value of each reservation done by the Agent's mediation
  • Agent vs inLOBBY flexible cooperation scopes
  • Email notifications on Agent-mediated bookings are sent by the Agent to inLOBBY
  • No troublesome obligations
  • Concierge service to all hotel-search and booking-related inquiries
  • Innovative booking solutions and models
  • No joining, set up, monthly, yearly or management fees
  • Availability of more than 150.000 hotels in real-time
  • Further revision of commission basis
  • First class customer support
  • Personal track of bookings

All interested individuals are invited to learn the terms of cooperation, review the Public Offer and by agreeing to the qualification of an inLOBBY Agent, provide inLOBBY with personal information. By doing so, you will join our Agents' team and we will contact you back in the shortest period of time.

Public Offer