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Terms and Conditions
General Information

inLOBBY is a virtual booking platform that offers options for making bookings to hotels from all around the world. We are here to assist you in gathering information about the broadest selection of hotels from our database and choosing the right one, as a result you will save both your time and money. We are acting as a mere mediator between you and accommodation suppliers transmitting your booking details to relevant sources.

The Terms and Conditions hereunder form the Agreement between inLOBBY platform and the website’s users and refer to website usage regulations. It is strongly recommended that every booking customer looks through the following regulations before proceeding with booking.

This agreement between inLOBBY and a user is automatically concluded once the user submits a booking request to hotel.

With respect to translations of these terms and conditions into a language other than English, the original English version will prevail and apply in the event of a dispute about any provision mentioned hereby. inLOBBY reserves the right to make amendments into its Terms and Conditions upon its intention.

Website Use

By using this website you warrant that (i) you are eligible to make online payments; (ii) you will not proceed with fake and incomplete reservation orders. Please note that reservations which are completed but are not paid for will be rejected; (iii) you will use this website in accordance with this Agreement; (iv) you may use the website for a third party only after you inform them about the Terms and Conditions; (v) all information submitted by you in this website is accurate and correct. Only people aged above 18 have the right to make a booking through our website.

Any disputes which may arise during your use of the website may be duly considered by inLOBBY Customer Support Service and all your inquiries can be directed to us, be it in connection with bookings or any claims.

Liability for Information and Data

inLOBBY platform bears liability for the information or materials provided by hotels on the website.

a. The hotel information and description of hotels with an availability of direct contact are provided directly by accommodation suppliers and inLOBBY checks and bears liability for the correctness and accurateness of information.
b. Descriptions and data of hotels without direct contact are provided by Global Distribution System, in our case by Travel Store Maker. inLOBBY bears liability and responsibility for the accuracy of this information either.

Therefore, inLOBBY is liable for the due delivery of booking services, as well as for the prompt delivery of ordered accommodation services by the hotels to the users of our website as prescribed from the booking request submitted by the user to a hotel via our platform.

inLOBBY is liable for the due and actual feedback to all booking requests of our customers, for timely delivery of e-mail confirmations on the acceptance of booking request and its additional information not later than within one working day.

inLOBBY is also liable for giving timely feedback to all customers’ inquiries per phone and e-mail within one working day, as well as for providing them with actual information on all their inquiries even if suchlike information is not available at the moment.

inLOBBY bears responsibility for the fluent and non-disruptive operation of its website and its booking tools, as well as for its performance directed at delivering high-quality service to any customer and at building a user-friendly environment.

inLOBBY will not bear any liability for any loss of production, loss of income, loss of contract, or any accident happened with customers while using our system or force majeure, as well as for any losses whether due to willful misconduct, illegal use of the system or any other event beyond the control.

In no event will we be liable for any loss or damage, including without limitation, indirect or consequential loss or damage in a hotel, or whatsoever arising from the inaccuracy of personal details of the users. Still, in the cases as mentioned above customers can turn to inLOBBY directly and our Customer Support Team will try to be of any assistance and bring solutions to customers’ suchlike claims either which are not upon our liability.

Customers' Rights

  • You have the right to contact the hotel with the availability of direct communication through inLOBBY platform.
  • You have the right to get support from inLOBBY team. Contact our support team here
  • You have the right to use our reservation system in case there is a real need to make online bookings or other related service through our website in accordance with these terms and conditions.

Booking Procedure

While making a booking to a hotel through our website, you will be asked to complete a Hotel Booking Form directly in our website. You may submit booking requests to hotels of all destination points, regions and countries, included into our website. Information you provide for proceeding with a booking should be complete and accurate. Customers’ credit card details and personal information will be protected from unauthorized use and leak.

In details: In case of booking to a hotel, customers fill in their personal information (first name, last name, country, address, city, phone number, email address, etc.), get acquainted with our Terms and Conditions, as well as with Hotel’s Policy (Hotel Cancellation Policy) and submit credit card details on the payment page. The payment system verifies the credit card liability for booking operation or rejects the operation. If we do not get all the required documents by the customer necessary for the full implementation of booking or if payment procedure with customer’s credit card, submitted on the payment page, encounters problem and refuses the operation, the booking will be automatically cancelled.

In case personal data mentioned by users are subject to changes after the booking has been confirmed, the customer is asked to contact back by the same email address which delivered booking details and confirmation. In this case personal data change can be organized under the condition when the customer cancels his booking request and makes up a new one. For any kind of inquiries, customers are free to contact inLOBBY and get support in a manner that will reflect their interests at best.

Information on Booking Confirmation

The confirmation to customer’s booking request will be sent to customer’s email address together with booking details. On having received it, customer is obliged to examine preliminarily his personal data to get ensured of correctness of booking details. In case of any disagreement, customers can contact This form, received by the client via email, may be printed and presented to hotel upon check-in.

inLOBBY is not liable for the availability of user’s e-mail server which may somehow prevent his receiving booking confirmation information.

Payment Procedure

While making a booking to hotel, customers fill in Booking request form where they submit their personal information and credit card details on payment page. Payment is accepted both by the following credit or debit cards: VISA, MasterCard, Diners Club, JCB International cards.

The verification of your credit card, the protection of its details and encryption is completed by payment system. In case customers provide inaccurate credit card details and do not provide relevant data even after being informed about it, the booking procedure will be cancelled. inLOBBY bears no responsibility for the correctness of credit card details provided by users. Before confirming online booking, credit card authorization is applied.

If the credit card data are submitted correctly and are confirmed by the payment system, then only will the price for the confirmed booking be charged from the customer’s credit card. The customers’ credit card will not be charged until the booking is confirmed by accommodation supplier as well.

After the credit card has been charged, the customer will receive an automatic email from the payment system with payment confirmation and with the total sum charged for the order. Customers are kindly asked to keep the copy of payment confirmation form.

As prices are indicated in different currencies on our website, the sum charged from the customer may differ from the price, indicated on the website as a result of currency conversion.

You can learn more information on Payment Security and Safeguard of Your Personal data in our Privacy Policy.

Refund/Charge-back/Cancellation Policy

In case the customer decides to cancel the booking to a hotel, cancellation will happen in accordance with the hotel’s own cancellation policy and a cancellation fee may be charged. Before proceeding with their booking customers are strongly recommended to get acquainted with the cancellation policy of the specified hotel and be aware of the fee charges in case of cancellation, prior booking.

Cancellation policies of hotels can be found on hotel’s details page. Before submitting a hotel booking request, customers are provided with the specified hotel’s cancellation policy for their attention and by sending a booking request they agree with the Terms and Conditions, as well as with Hotel’s Policy.

Penalties for cancelling a booking may vary according to the policy of each accommodation supplier.

In case of cancelling their bookings customers are requested to inform about the cancellation fact by the same email address which delivered their booking confirmation. By this way we would be able to provide information on the conditions of desired operation, the way of its realization and penalties one should pay. Customers’ claims for cancelling the booking done through our platform can be addressed directly to inLOBBY. We bear responsibility for the due fulfillment of the services paid to our customers via our platform.

In the above-mentioned cases refund is performed in accordance with policies of accommodation suppliers and their penalty rules. In accordance with the regulations of international payment services, refund is done to the same card from which payment for booking was charged. Customers are free to direct any kinds of claims for refund/chargeback to inLOBBY and we bear the liability for the due resolution of customers’ suchlike claims, independent of their nature - be it claims for refund or booking cancellation.

Double Booking

In case of double bookings (if such cases will arise) on our website inLOBBY is not responsible for these events and does not provide the refund. If customers have any questions in this regard, they are free to contact inLOBBY and get customer support service.

Reviews & Comments

Customers may leave reviews & comments about a hotel on the corresponding page. Such reviews/comments may serve as indicators of quality service of hotels and also for forming a ranking of hotels according to guest reviews. Such comments will be removed or else edited if they:

  • Are abusive
  • Violate privacy
  • Are not from a current customer
  • Contain material falsehoods and inaccuracies

Links to Third Party Sites

Some third party links that are used in our website will require you to read their terms and conditions that are not included in these terms of use.

We are not liable for the availability of third party websites and for the information they provide.

Intellectual Property

We are the owner of inLOBBY platform, its all trademarks, brand names, business names, logos, registered or unregistered designs and copyrights. You may use these rights and the material solely for the purpose of using our site in accordance with these Terms of Use. You may not copy, reproduce, republish, download, post, broadcast, transmit, make available to the public, or otherwise use any content on our site in any way except for your own personal, non-commercial use.