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2 booking models: traditional online instant booking model and online booking model to hotels with direct contact. By the second model customers may not only book but also contact the hotel directly by email, live chat, VoiP call and video call.
Customers may contact the hotels with direct contact via communication tools, negotiate over booking conditions and learn hotel's hot deals. Here customers may not only make online bookings but also submit their requests. Traditional online booking model is the general instant online booking option. All you have to do is to pick a hotel and make instant online booking.
You may contact hotels with direct contact by email, live chat, VoiP call and video call completely free of charge. For video and live chatting you have to register and sign in by your login and password.
Hotel's contact information is not displayed in the website. You will be able to have it at your disposal once the booking is done. The information will be included in your booking confirmation.
All the claims in connection with booking procedure may be addressed to inLOBBY. Claims which are connected with miscellaneous circumstances during your stay at a hotel, may be directed to hotel or if failed, to inLOBBY.

? Registration
All you have to do is to submit first/last names, email address and password.
Just sign into the website with your username and password. Here you may track your own booking history to hotels with direct contact, both pending and confirmed ones. You may also add a hotel you would like to have it included into inLOBBY. You may change your registration details, leave reviews to hotels.
No need to register and sign in for making reservation via traditional online booking model. You need to sign up to make a reservation to hotels with direct contact.

? Searching vs Booking
Yes, group booking requests are also admitted. You may write to us at email address, and inLOBBY support team will provide you with hotel offers. OR you may search for a hotel and book several rooms for the accommodation of all your guests.
You may do last-minute bookings to hotels with direct contact. Whereas in case of basic traditional online booking model the searched period must exceed 3-day period. Or alternatively you submit your request directly to inLOBBY, by writing to our support team.
You may filter the hotel search results by price range. Besides, the search may be applied by star category, hotel name, by more advanced search options, you may review the list of hotels with hot deals, featured ones or even event-related.
You may write to us at, even by mentioning hotel/country/city preferences in relation with which you would like to receive updates, and your email address will be added to the regular list of our subscribers.
Once you have chosen any specific hot deal, go to hotel's page which provides such an offer and send your booking request by selecting the room type, check-in/out dates that may be specified in hot deal text and send a booking request by adding a note on hot deal promotion in the field for Additional information directly on Hotel Booking Request Form page.
Yes, in case of hotels with direct contact. You may send your request directly to the hotel and have an opportunity for negotiations.

? Room details
The room rates are per room per night, in case one night stay is requested. In case the room has some other occupancy and the rates are per person, suchlike information is highlighted and price is displayed based on occupancy.
The facilities, listed for the room, are those ones which are provided in the room. In case the facility requires some due payment, it’s specified correspondingly in the facility name or room description.
There is no general policy. In case the breakfast is included in the room rate, it has its corresponding notice for the room you book. If not, then breakfast will be additionally charged if requested.
It depends purely on hotel’s policy. Anyway we specify hotel’s tax policy if such kind of information is provided by the hotel. In case customers cannot find suchlike information in hotel’s policy, that kind of information may be requested from us by writing to us at
Yes, we tend to highlight suchlike policies for our customers, but it depends totally on hotel’s policy. The hotel decides at its own discretion per which fee extra bed/crib may be provided and what are the terms for child policy.

? Payment
Payment to hotels, included in traditional online booking model, is done directly on the reservation request page. Once you have provided your bank details, the total booking amount will be authorized and then only charged from your credit card. Payment to hotels with direct contact is done based on hotel’s payment policy: you may either enter your credit card details to guarantee the booking and for the hotel to charge it, or you may send a booking request without credit card info and pay at a hotel.
Yes, it’s safe. We attend this matter very seriously. The platform is validated as trusted by Thawte SSL certificate with EV and provides safe and secure protocol servers for encrypted and encoded data transmission.
In case of booking with hotels, included in traditional online booking model, your credit card will be authorized and charged in Armenian Dram currency. As a result of currency conversion, the authorized sum may slightly differ from the booking amount.
In order to get invoices for the reimbursement of expenses, you must directly contact the hotel after your stay at a hotel. The hotel is the service provider and invoices should be requested from the hotel.
It depends on the booking model you choose and on hotel’s policy. In case of booking the hotels from traditional online booking model, your credit card will be authorized and funds captured. In case of booking hotels with direct contact, it totally depends on hotel’s policy: your credit card may either serve as a guarantee, or it may be charged or even may not be provided whilst the booking.
In case the cancellation is done within the free cancellation period, your funds will be refunded to your credit card. In case the cancellation is done within a period which requires payment of cancellation penalty, the sum of penalty will be deducted from the overall refunded amount.
Yes, you may. But you have to specify the cardholder’s first name, last name and some other details.
No, your credit card data will not be stored. They will be transmitted by safe and secure protocol servers in an encoded form.
This may happen only in case of currency conversion, as the sum authorized may slightly differ from the total booking amount. Even in this case, the difference will be a slight one.
No, there is no service fee, no extra charges are included into room rates.

? Confirmation & Cancellation
You may write to or to the email address by which you've received your confirmation, by mentioning your reservation number or booking ID together with the booking amendments.
You may write to or to the email address by which you've received your confirmation, by mentioning your reservation number or booking ID. Please keep in mind the hotel's cancellation policy prior to any amendments or cancellations. Once your booking is cancelled, you'll receive a notification from us.
Yes, the confirmation received from inLOBBY is final.
No, the confirmation you receive is intended only for you. You may request booking amendment, by providing first/last name and personal information of the guest, so as we could provide amended voucher to you.
If the room is non-refundable, then in case of its cancellation no funds will be refunded to the cardholder.

? Travel related
You may direct your airline booking request to us, either to or to
No, we do not provide visa support. However we may issue a guarantee letter on the booking done through with the official signature of company's director.
If requested, more additional information may be provided to you in refer to city guides. You may write to
Sometimes such kind of information is provided in overviews or details of hotels. Besides, this information may be requested by writing to us at

? Reviews
You may leave reviews only for hotels with direct contact. In this case you may sign into your account and go to Hotels for Review.

? Bonuses
You may check Affiliate Programs of inLOBBY for Individuals, Travel Agencies, Corporate Customers, Hotels and join one which suits your business criteria or write to us at
You may earn bonuses from your reservations by joining inLOBBY Affiliate Programs for Individuals. More information can be obtained from Affiliate Programs.