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Privacy Policy

The safety of your personal data is very important for inLOBBY. We do realize that your personal data input in internet requires a great trust. It is a great responsibility for us to safeguard your personal data and we regard it with great seriousness and bear responsibility. For this reason we set up privacy policy which will give you detailed information about the conditions of your personal data input, usage and retention. We ask you to get thoroughly acquainted with our privacy policy and in case of inquiries to contact us.

Information input

The personal information will be used by our website with the aim to (i) properly implement your online booking process, (ii) keep you informed about any news or events, (iii) verify your identity, (iv) get your comments or views about services we provide, (v) authorize hotels to charge any penalties in case of cancellation based on the cancellation policy of the hotel.

While making hotel reservation on inLOBBY website, you will be asked to fill in your personal data. These data are necessary for making reservation and for sending you a confirmation email. In order to register in our website you will be requested to fill in the following data: name, email address, etc. You will be given a username and a password by means of which you will be identified and will have a chance to see the preliminary bookings made by you.

Upon your request we can send you an email, by which we will inform you about our offers and services. From time to time polls and contests will be held in the website and your participation in suchlike activities will be completely on voluntary lines. In case of participation you will be asked to submit your personal opinion and data, including your photos, etc.

Once you have created an account, you can access our platform with your login and password and proceed with your booking to a preferred hotel and contact the hotel upon availability of communicative tools.

Your login details and any activities that occur under your account would be kept under confidentiality. You reserve the right to change your personal data at any time through access to your personal account. In case of any concerns about your login details, you are free to contact Customer Service by this email address:

Prohibited Activities

Our website enables you to directly communicate with hotels with direct contact availability. Thus, you agree to: (i) contact and disturb hotels only for reasonable enquiries. Otherwise, such user who violates this and causes much disturbance to hotels will be suspended, (ii) not to use the website or its content for commercial purpose, (iii) not to engage in reservation fraud, (iv) not to misuse our site by knowingly introducing viruses, hacking or other technologically harmful offences.

Payment Security and Safeguard of Your Personal data

While making payments with bank card (including Card Number), payments are processed through ASSIST electronic payment system which has acquired international certification. Thus, nobody, not even inLOBBY, can receive the customer's personal and credit card data (credit card details, registration data, etc.). The protection of confidential information during transmission between the customer and the system server is ensured by SSL 3.0 protocol. The server certificate (1 28 bit) is issued by Thawte - a recognized center for digital certificates. You can verify the authenticity of the server's certificate. The further transmission of information is carried out via closed banking networks. ASSIST also realizes technology of 3D-Secure.

In accordance with European personal data protection laws inLOBBY guarantees immunity of your personal data and protection from unauthorized usage. inLOBBY bears liability for the secure transmission of booking and personal details of the customers.

And inLOBBY uses SSL protocol Web Server (it is confirmed by Thawte certificate with EV) as a guarantee for security and protection from unauthorized use of customers’ personal data and credit card details. Your personal data will be kept in confidentiality and your privacy rights will be protected from unauthorized use either, even in case there is a need to transfer your personal information to a third party as part of a reorganization of our business.

For the purpose to facilitate the website administration process and disclose fraud and violation our web server will automatically record your IP address and your internet browser for supplying better internet service, system usage and for optimization of website settings without considering or linking it with your personal information.

If there are any questions in refer to security of your personal data, please, contact us.


Cookies are data files which are identified with users. They are widely spread text files which are saved at your computer and will cause no harm to it. Cookies are widely used in many websites, like Yahoo!, Google, ebay, YouTube and in other well-known and popular websites. We guarantee that information Cookies maintain will not be displayed to third parties. These will be used exceptionally for the following purposes:

  • Cookies make the service paid to users more efficient and result-oriented which will in whole ease the process of your search in our website.
  • Particularly, Cookies will make it possible to support you with the list of hotels, countries you previously searched.
  • And besides it will offer you the language and currency you preferred

We are going to use information retained in Cookies to improve the service quality paid to our users. For example, by means of it we can send you special offers based on your preferences. Credit card details are not stored in cookies. Cookies may easily be removed from your computer at any time you wish following the instructions provided by the browser help screen. If you wish to get more detailed information about Cookies, please, visit website.