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About us

in LOBBY Com was founded with an aim to develop an innovative online hotel booking platform.

The company operates an online hotel booking platform with a portfolio of over 150,000 hotels from all around the world. The system enables users to proceed with traditional online reservations, as well as to book hotels with direct contact, which envisage customer's communication with the hotel by email, live chat, VoIP call and video call. By this model inLOBBY serves to help customers get into direct contact with the hotel and inquire on any details of their stay prior to booking. And at customers are not charged with any registration or hotel reservation service fees.

Hotel portfolio of inLOBBY is combined of both personally contacted hotels of the company, and also of different hotel providers' inventory. inLOBBY reservations will enhance customers' personal experience and result in two-way effective outcome for both the client and the hotel. This difference in integrity of hotels' listing with both the direct contact and traditional booking creates innovative environment for users to choose and then only book.

Apart from hotels, inLOBBY also offers flight booking to all destinations. Flight bookings are proceeded and carried out upon request basis. Customers need to submit their flight booking requests to inLOBBY by writing to or by contacting inLOBBY Concierge. inLOBBY Concierge is dedicated to meet customers' travel-related inquiries, handle their travel arrangements and is aimed at providing local customer support and follow-up in the shortest possible time. inLOBBY Concierge service is here to reach clients' end-goals and to assist them in enlarging their private booking experience.

Clientele: all target groups, irrespective of their location and business occupancy, legal and physical entities who have reached their age of majority under the laws of the jurisdiction in which they reside. is dedicated to provide best accommodation options with lowest available prices to customers of different backgrounds, irrespective of their country of residence and notwithstanding the nature of the hotel booking request.

The company mission was built with an understanding that we will all succeed once we understand and keep on:

  • being open-minded
  • being affordable and approachable
  • being respectful and seeding confidence among customers
  • appreciating customers' feedback and finding key solutions to further improvements
  • providing multilingual customer support service and concierge assistance for all customers.

With inLOBBY customers will realize that product pricing and attitude are put first. inLOBBY's business idea is not only to create a platform that masses can afford to book with an available pricing system, but also to provide innovative and diversified booking solutions. inLOBBY also works to create user-friendly search engine and elaborate network marketing, aimed at increasing its own record of users and bookers.

To solve the problem of bookers – inLOBBY works to recognize their problem. And next, inLOBBY works to uncover and define the cause of the problem with an aim to eliminate further innate ones. This will lure bookers into thinking that booking can be more real and approachable rather than virtual.

And thereby inLOBBY is aimed at to:

  • Bring in activation into worldwide hotel industry
  • Increase direct hotel reservations
  • Embed the platform with the most innovative and user-friendly technical solutions
  • Provide free communication tools
  • Ensure the lowest room prices all the year round
  • Offer the best reservation experience
  • Serve as a virtual meeting place for B2B and B2C
  • Build a direct bridge to hotels
  • Provide full travel package to customers, starting with hotels and flights
  • Re-charge online driven booking market.